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Promoting the use and role of Insect Protein within the Australian food and feed ecosystem to Government, Academia and Industry.


Insect Protein as Food

It is widely accepted that by 2050 the world will host 9 billion people. To accomodate this number, current food production will need to almost double. Land is scarce and expanding the area devoted to farming is rarely a viable or sustainable option. Oceans are overfished and climate change and related water shortages could have … Continue reading Insect Protein as Food

Insect Protein as Feed

Insects can be grown on organic waste. Therefore, insects are a potential source for conventional production (mini-livestock) of protein, either for direct human consumption, or indirectly in recomposed foods (with extracted protein from insects); and as a protein source into feedstock mixtures.  Edible Insects, a solution for food and feed – FAO            … Continue reading Insect Protein as Feed

Australian Regulation

Regulation relating to the use of insects as feed in Australia are being developed. To keep up to date with the latest developments connect with us.